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«Ana Ruepp’s mixed media paintings and drawings are about spatial memory, or imaginings of space and the mapping or transformation of a psychological space or state.
Structures may speak of architectural form or there may be some kind of diagram in which one can try to navigate this abstracted landscape but they can also be disjointed from themselves, venturing away or towards you. The work invites you to be curious and to investigate this space. Some works feel they hold some sort of instructions or perhaps clues….to some other land real or unreal…. a transition between an outer space (concrete reality) and a more personal internal sense of space (memory and imagination).
The canvas acts as a medium to these journeys, where the materiality of the paint, collages, pen, paper, pencils, oil bars capture in them the gesture. The physicality of these intuitive marks are both delicate and bold, energetic and quiet and often may seemingly float or spark across the canvas. They create the weight or weightlessness of these spaces.»

Rosalind Davis, Curator at Collyer Bristow Gallery.